Tickets MOONWALKS, + Fangirls in Berlin

MOONWALKS + Fangirls 27.01.17 in Berlin, Kantine am Berghain

Freitag 27.01.17
Einlass: 20:00 Uhr, Beginn: 20:30 Uhr
Kantine am Berghain, Rüdersdorfer Str. 70, 10243 Berlin

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Moonwalks are a weird dark space psych outfit based out of Detroit, MI. The band consists of Tyler Grates (guitar/keys), Kerrigan Pearce (drums), Jacob Dean (guitar), and Kate Gutwald (bass). Their first EP, recorded by the legendary Jim Diamond (White Stripes/The Dirtbombs), was released in November of 2014 on L.A. based label L.O.O.S.E+Manimal Vinyl, and was dubbed a 'New and Notable Release' by Bandcamp. 

Originated in Detroit's DIY scene, playing in warehouses and makeshift venues across the city. Since then, Moonwalks have toured the US with fellow Michiganders Heaters, as well as open for notable acts such as Thee Oh Sees, The Holydrug Couple, and Holly Golightly. Their debut LP, also recorded by Diamond, is set to be released November 6, 2015 on Manimal Vinyl. 

Moonwalks want to be in outer space. Guitarist Tyler Grates says he wants to check out Jupiter because he heard they have really good radio stations. "I wouldn't stay on Jupiter, but I wouldn't mind not coming back to Earth," he says. "We're just visiting." Their music sounds at least halfway in space already. They make gorgeous psychedelic rock that is clearly 1960s-influenced, but it doesn't sound dated. They've been at it for almost two years, playing shows constantly. They recorded an EP with Jim Diamond at Ghetto Recorders and released it on cassette last year, followed by a short tour. 

"With our first EP, we were still trying to get a sound together with the four of us, so the songwriting was a little more straight to the point," Grates says. "With the new album, we had a little more experience in the Detroit scene and took notice of what was going on at the time, but still kept things within our reach. At the same time, [the new album is] leaning more towards an art rock/cinematic feel." He cites the Terrible Twos, Protomartyr, Mexican Knives, Bad Indians, and Growwing Pains as local influences. - Detroit Metro Times